Silverbird Astronautics

Advanced Spacecraft Propulsion Systems

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We have extensive experience with all forms of in-space propulsion, particularly advanced systems such as ion and plasma thrusters. While we have developed novel thrusters in the past and are still capable of doing so at need, most missions are best served by propulsion systems commercially available from a number of suppliers, or under advanced development elsewhere. Silverbird can develop an optimal spacecraft propulsion architecture for almost any mission, and can assist with systems engineering and integration with the host spacecraft.

Spacecraft propulsion system engineering is inextricably coupled to trajectory design and launch vehicle performance. Most missions call for a specific destination, but not a specific means of reaching that destination. The obvious, simple solution is often far from optimal. We have the experience and the tools to find the best system-level solutions, combining launch vehicle performance, spacecraft propulsion, and trajectory design. Perhaps most important, we can perform trade studies in the early design phase on a rapid-turnaround basis. This enables accurate assessment of the cost and feasibility of a project, and prevents mistakes that would be expensive to fix later.

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