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Dr. John Schilling

Chief Scientist and General Manager

John Schilling is a veteran aerospace engineer and mission analyst specializing in advanced spacecraft propulsion technology. He has spent the past ten years working with the Air Force Research laboratory, largely as the in-house mission analyst and trajectory designer for the advanced spacecraft propulsion branch of AFRL. During that time, he also ran a small R&D business, earned the University of Southern California's first Ph.D. in Astronautics, and developed several novel propulsion systems. Most recently, Dr. Schilling developed the spacecraft propulsion baselines, metrics, and 20-year goals and technology paths for the government/industry Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology Program (IHPRPT), a feat which incidentally eliminated AFRL's need for an in-house mission analyst. Since leaving AFRL, Dr. Schilling has served as a technical consultant to industry in matters relating to spacecraft propulsion.


Additional staff with a wide range of expertise will be brought in to specific projects as needed.

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